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Whether you’re building your wealth, sustaining your lifestyle, or passing it on to the next generation, our Financial Planning Group takes a coordinated approach, working with both your internal team and external professionals to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

From saving for education and planning for retirement to managing taxes and reviewing your estate plan, we’ll create a comprehensive financial plan that will achieve what matters most to you, providing you with confidence today and clarity for a financially secure tomorrow.

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Commitment to Ethical Standards

Cambridge Trust’s COMMITMENT TO ETHICAL STANDARDS -  The Financial Planning Group and Cambridge Trust Company are committed to the highest level of ethical standards.  Many of our team members are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, and as part of CFP® certification, all CFP® professionals commit to the CFP® Board to uphold the high standards outlined in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.

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  • It all starts with a conversation

    Our team of seasoned wealth management professionals look at your whole financial picture and get to know you and your goals for the wealth you're trying to create, build, and protect.


Risk Management
Risk extends beyond market volatility. We provide valuable insight into the importance of protecting against various types of financial, health and legal risks. 

Asset Allocation Analysis
By analyzing the structure and risk characteristics of your overall portfolio, we will guide you towards an appropriate mix of growth and income producing assets across all of your accounts. 

Retirement Planning
We will help provide a roadmap and address critical issues such as maximum lifestyle affordability and tax efficient withdrawal strategies The considerations can be vast and complicated especially when combined with risk factors such as longevity, inflation, and market volatility. 

Cash Flow Analysis
Based on your cash flow analysis, we can deliver actionable insights that help you make informed decisions at key turning points in your financial life.

Tax Optimization
Planning for and mitigating the impact of taxes is a central focus. Being strategic about the taxes you pay can have a significant positive impact towards achieving your goals. 

Wealth Transfer
We can analyze multi-generational wealth transfer and philanthropic giving strategies. We focus on your values and priorities to have a deeper understanding of what you want to leave for the next generation and/or charitable organization. 


Financial Life Cycle: Mapping Your Major Life Cycle Events to Financial Planing

Proactive, comprehensive live cycle financial planning is a dynamic process. It preempts costly oversights, increases your net worth, and funds your future.

Financial-Life-Cycle_1.pngExample Major Life Cycle Events


What are the Elements of Dynamic Financial Planning?

Event-driven Planning to Preserve Your Wealth and Expand Your Options

Balancing Among Investments & Planning Tools for Integrated Risk/Reward Management

Ongoing Coordination with Other Professionals (attorneys, accountants)

Periodic Portfolio/Planning Assessments to Address Non-Major Life Changes & Market Opportunities






Financial Planning is a Collaborative & Interactive Process


Step 1: We’ll work together to develop a comprehensive understanding of your Personal and Financial Circumstances, incorporating both Qualitative and Quantitative data. This may include completing a Financial Planning Questionnaire providing account statements, asset valuations, estate planning documents, explaining family dynamics and history, etc…

Step 2: We’ll help you to Identify and prioritize both short and long-term goals.

Step 3: By Analyzing your Current Course of Action we’ll develop Your Financial Base Line.  Next, we’ll analyze Potential Alternative Course(s) of Action to determine if the suggested changes will impede or improve your progress towards goal, adding clarity to decision making. 

Step 4: The Financial Planning Group will develop comprehensive Financial Planning Recommendation(s). 

Step 5: We will discuss the Planning Recommendation(s) thoroughly to ensure all parties are in agreement about next steps, time frames on completing steps and check-in points to assess progress.  Accountability is a key component of achieving financial planning success!

Step 6: We will work with you and your other financial professionals (such as your CPA, Attorney, Insurance Agent, etc…) to Implement all Planning Recommendation(s).

Step 7: Ongoing, we’ll monitor the progress of your financial plan, meet regularly to ensure you’re on track to meet goals, and update your plan as needed.  

The Accumulation Phase of Financial Planning refers to the period when an individual is building their net worth through savings & investing. This is typically the longest part of the investment lifecycle, spanning over 35-40 years and making it important to have a solid strategy in place.


 Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. 

 - Warren Buffet

  • Savings Rate – determine minimum & optimal savings for a variety of purposes.  
  • Detailed Cash Flow Analysis -  Based on your cash flow analysis, we can deliver actionable insights that help you make informed decisions at key turning points in your financial life
  • A review of current debt, discussion of the best way to manage, explore curiosities such as “Do I pay down my mortgage faster or invest the extra amounts?”
  • Asset Allocation Analysis to determine which portfolios are most appropriate given goals, time frames, risk tolerances and other qualitative data.


  • Asset location – which investments should be held in which accounts? 
  • Insurance Coverage Review:  Term or Perm?  Life insurance gap analysis, Disability Insurance review, Homeowner’s & Car Insurance review
  • Review of future Income Streams – Social Security Income, Pension, Rental, Annuity, Royalty, portfolio distributions,etc…
  • Discussion about catastrophe – what if I become disabled, or die prematurely? 
  • Education Planning – develop savings plan for family members’ future education costs.
  • Review Stock Grants/Options
  • Executive Compensation 
  • Monte Carlo Simulations – discuss benefits of this approach using probability distributions. 
  • Creation of basic estate plan – Will, Rev Trusts, POA, Medical Directive, Healthcare Proxy, Guardianship, titling of assets
  • Gifting Strategies

The Distribution Phase of Financial Planning typically starts at retirement when an individual starts converting savings and investments into income needed to support their lifestyle. Distribution planning should consider sustainable withdrawal rates and the impact of variable expenses often incurred later in life. 

  • Retirement Planning – sustainability of assets to meet income needs, diversification of income streams, taxability of income 
  • Monte Carlo Simulations – statistical analysis providing a range of possible outcomes based on underlying goals. 
  • Review of current Income Streams – Social Security Income, Pension, Rental, Annuity, Royalty, portfolio distributions, etc… Analysis on when to take SS Income, Annuities, etc…in a given circumstance.
  • Tax Optimization – through portfolio trading strategies/tax loss harvesting, asset location, analysis of taxability of income sources, approximating the best mix of income sources with regards taxability
Understanding Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) 
  • Risk Management/Diversification – evaluating structure and risk characteristics of assets owned, including closely-held businesses, concentrated positions.  May include a high-level discussion on legal, health and financial risks. 
  • Insurance Considerations – discussion on Long Term Care Insurance.  Current needs analysis for LI policies, how to re-purpose a LI policy once original purchase intentions fade.
Advanced Estate Planning
  • Access to our Fiduciary & Tax teams to discuss possible solutions to complex estate concerns and a review of existing documents.  The Financial Planning Group works closely with our in-house Fiduciary & Tax Teams to review documents such as Wills, Rev Trusts, POA, Medical Directive, Healthcare Proxy, Guardianship, titling of assets and will make suggestions where appropriate.  
  • High Level discussion around Gifting Strategies and the use of different types of trusts to accomplish specific estate/tax goals including GST Tax concerns. 
  • Current Lifetime Exemption Amounts, possible results after TCJA sunsets in 2026
  • Average cost of healthcare for a 65 year old couple
  • Information on 4% withdrawal rate
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