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Offering you the expertise and resources to administer your trust and help settle your affairs exactly as you direct.

No part of your financial life is more critical or complex than your trust. So it’s important to choose someone who will manage your affairs with care and objectivity to carry out your plan according to your wishes. Our relationship managers average over 28 years of industry experience and are committed to:

  • Understanding the unique situations and assets of each client
  • Assessing the service needs of the relationship
  • Working with families across multiple generations

We serve as trustee or co-trustee and agent for trustees and collaborate with your estate planning attorney, accountant and other professionals to ensure that your plan accurately reflects your personal wishes and intentions.

 As trustee, we provide services for:

  • Investing trust’s assets to achieve objectives
  • Account administration
  • Gifts to charities and individuals
  • Discretionary distributions
  • Tax accounting and record keeping

We provide a full range of estate services for our high net worth clients as executor (personal representative), co-executor and agent for executor, including:

  • Collection and valuation of all assets
  • Payment of debts, expenses, legacies and taxes
  • Filing of all estate, gift and income tax returns
  • Management of probate and non-probate assets during the settlement period
  • Distribution of assets according to instructions
  • Optimize the use of tax deductions and elections to ensure tax savings
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The New Hampshire Trust Advantage

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  • Take advantage of New Hampshire's robust trust laws and favorable tax climate. Benefits of New Hampshire’s laws are available to both residents and non-residents of New Hampshire.

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Our wealth managers develop trusted relationships by gaining a thorough understanding of the important goals and values that matter most to each client.