The Accumulation Phase of Financial Planning refers to the period when an individual is building their net worth through savings & investing.  This is typically the longest part of the investment lifecycle, spanning over 35-40 years and making it important to have a solid strategy in place.

Start QuoteSomeone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.End Quote

 - Warren Buffet

  • Savings Rate – determine minimum & optimal savings for a variety of purposes.  
  • Detailed Cash Flow Analysis -  Based on your cash flow analysis, we can deliver actionable insights that help you make informed decisions at key turning points in your financial life
  • A review of current debt, discussion of the best way to manage, explore curiosities such as “Do I pay down my mortgage faster or invest the extra amounts?”
  • Asset Allocation Analysis to determine which portfolios are most appropriate given goals, time frames, risk tolerances and other qualitative data.

Accumulation Phase

  • Asset location – which investments should be held in which accounts? 
  • Insurance Coverage Review:  Term or Perm?  Life insurance gap analysis, Disability Insurance review, Homeowner’s & Car Insurance review
  • Review of future Income Streams – Social Security Income, Pension, Rental, Annuity, Royalty, portfolio distributions,etc…

  • Discussion about catastrophe – what if I become disabled, or die prematurely? 
  • Education Planning – develop savings plan for family members’ future education costs.
  • Review Stock Grants/Options
  • Executive Compensation 
  • Monte Carlo Simulations – discuss benefits of this approach using probability distributions. 
  • Creation of basic estate plan – Will, Rev Trusts, POA, Medical Directive, Healthcare Proxy, Guardianship, titling of assets
  • Gifting Strategies