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At Cambridge Trust, we are in one of the most innovative and dynamic business regions in the country, a magnet for trailblazers and game changers. Or as we like to call them, clients. So we understand the need to move quickly to deliver financing, expertise and support, with no decision makers in faraway

headquarters to slow down progress. From raising a new fund to distributing capital, at Cambridge Trust we are personally involved in your firm — a strategic partner who can swiftly bring together resources and solutions customized for your specialized needs.

Solutions We Offer


We’ll take the time to understand your firm and help you select the right combination of services to manage your business.


You can trust us for our extensive lending knowledge and flexible financing options. We can also offer you a streamlined and accelerated borrowing process.

  • Capital call lines of credit
  • Management company working capital lines
  • Term loans
  • General partner capital contribution financing

Innovation Banking

Cambridge Trust is the only locally based bank with a lending group focused solely on the financing needs of growth stage, entrepreneurial companies. We serve as a strategic financial partner, applying our team’s expertise to provide customized solutions to the unique challenges these businesses face as they scale.

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Private Banking & Wealth Management Solutions

We understand the complex financial challenges that come with concentrated illiquid private investments, irregular cash flows and liquidity needs. Your dedicated private banker will give you the individual attention, expertise and resources you need across your entire financial life.

We offer a robust suite of banking products and services, including deposit accounts, online and mobile banking access, and credit solutions designed for investors with varying income cycles and fluctuating liquidity needs. Learn More

As portfolio lenders, we have the flexibility to customize a loan to better fit your specific financial requirements. And with local processing, underwriting and servicing, you can count on Cambridge Trust for speed of execution.

This flexible borrowing option lets you access the liquidity you need using eligible securities in your portfolio as collateral, leaving your long-term investment strategy intact.

Our team understands your goals and values, then creates and implements a plan that will achieve your short- and long-term objectives. We’ll coordinate all of your financial planning activities, including tax and estate planning, insurance, wealth transfer, personal and charitable giving and diversification strategies.

As a fiduciary, we always act in your best interest to help grow and protect your investments. Our experienced team manages your account from a “total portfolio” perspective — cash flow and liquidity needs, tax exposure, risk tolerance, while considering other investments that you are making professionally.

We have the expertise and resources to administer your trust and help settle your affairs exactly as you direct. We also offer the advantages of New Hampshire’s favorable and flexible trust laws, available to both residents and non-residents.