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At Cambridge Trust, our commitment to the protection and proliferation of human rights is not only core to our culture and values but integral to our business success. Only when all stakeholders are granted the fundamental rights inherent to every human being can we achieve our full, collective potential.

Cambridge Trust supports the individual rights and liberties set forth in the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights. Our respect for human rights as well as our support for the protection and advancement of human rights is reflected in our policies and practices with colleagues, suppliers/vendors, clients, and the communities we serve.

We conduct business under all applicable local, national, and international laws. While we believe that governments are primarily responsible for human rights preservation, we acknowledge our responsibility to uphold human rights throughout our business operations.

Our People

At Cambridge Trust, we promote a work environment built on leadership and progress. We require colleagues to review and acknowledge our Code of Ethics upon employment and annually thereafter. Our Workplace Anti-Harassment Policy outlines a zero tolerance for harassment, intimidation, bullying, retaliation, discrimination, and workplace violence. This policy also extends to independent contractors, vendors, consultants, board members, and visitors.

In our endeavor to conduct business in a healthy and safe manner, each employee and partner is responsible for adherence to Company policies and procedures, as well applicable law, to ensure every stakeholder is treated with dignity and respect.

Our Clients

Cambridge Trust offers products and services based on an assessment of client needs and has prohibitions, including those in our Consumer Loan Policy, against engaging in any predatory, unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices.

We strive to have all Cambridge Trust colleagues adhere to both the letter and spirit of fair and equal treatment laws, not simply to comply with regulations but because fair and responsible banking principles are built into Cambridge Trust’s culture and Code of Ethics. The standards to which we hold ourselves accountable also apply to our interactions with clients. For instance, our Workplace Anti-Harassment Policy applies to colleagues, partners, and clients alike.

Our Communities

At Cambridge Trust, our success relies on our ability to serve as a true financial partner to the communities in which we work and live. The focus of our business and community engagement efforts, including financial education, is to address important human rights issues, such as economic empowerment and access to affordable housing and local renewable energy sources.

Speaking Up

We encourage colleagues to raise concerns, ask questions, and report suspicious behaviors or potential policy violations by colleagues, clients, or suppliers without fear of retaliation by providing access to a confidential third-party hotline and website available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our employees also have direct access to any member of management to raise concerns of inappropriate behavior. Upon receipt of a complaint, Cambridge Trust will designate a person(s) to investigate the allegation(s) in a prompt, thorough, and impartial manner.

Retaliation against any individual who has filed a complaint or cooperated with a complaint investigation will not be tolerated.


Cambridge Trust is committed to the annual review and periodic update of this Human Rights Statement to reflect our continued learnings on best practices and evolving ESG risks. This statement is approved by senior management and reviewed annually by our Board of Directors to ensure our continued efforts relating to the respect, protection, and advancement of human rights within our business operations and beyond are upheld