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Quick tips for moving your money.

For your convenience, we've compiled a checklist and collected the forms you need online. Please don't hesitate to contact us by telephone, email, or at your local Cambridge Trust banking office for personal assistance.

Steps to Switch Your Account

Open your new Cambridge Trust account.
Learn more about our checking and savings account choices.

Make sure all checks have cleared on your checking account and any automatic payments are complete.

Send written notice to your direct deposit vendors (payroll, social security, dividend payments) of the change in your bank account.


Send written notice to transfer or cancel any automatic payments.


Close your former bank account with the other financial institution.


To transfer or set up direct deposit you will need your employer or deposit initiator's name and address and your Cambridge Trust account number.

To transfer or cancel an automatic payment you will need your billing information and Cambridge Trust account number.

To close your account at another bank you will need the bank's name and address and your account number.

Get in touch

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