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  • Cambridge Trust: it’s a name that speaks to how we have operated for over a century. At our core lies a commitment to our fiduciary obligation in all aspects of our business, but also a commitment to ethics, to our customers, and to one another.

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Living Our Core Values

In 2021, we introduced a new business Code of Conduct (the Code) to define how everyone at Your Bank is expected to act on a day-to-day basis. The Code provides guidance on policies, procedures, ethics, and a clear path to voice concerns.

  • Client Focus
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Responsible Citizenship


Our Board of Directors is comprised of 16 directors, 77% of whom are independent. There are nine members of the Board who are women, which is among the highest percentage (54%) of female Board members of companies listed on Nasdaq.

We also have committees in place that oversee the critical elements of a safe, secure organization, including: Audit, Compensation and Sustainability.

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Media Callout

Risk Management

The financial services industry is facing new business models, complex value chains, regulatory challenges and increasing digitization — all current and continuously evolving realities that translate into operational risks. We take great care to mitigate these risks in a way that strengthens the organization.

Data & Privacy

We created a broader digital workspace that could keep employees safe and Your Bank running smoothly during the pandemic and beyond. These measures supported new ways to work, collaborate, and conduct business. We strive to ensure that our policies and procedures—particularly those related to the data and privacy of our clients—continue to withstand this operational shift and the additional risks that accompany any such digital transition.

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Media Callout

Environmental Impact

We see the evolution towards enhanced disclosure about our climate impact as an important step forward: as an institution that actively participates in the lower carbon economy, we take this level of transparency seriously. Learn more about our Greenhouse Gas assessment and the steps we’re taking to keep our physical footprint low.

We are also expanding our environmental initiatives through renewables lending and our wealth management team’s sustainable investing solutions.

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