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A private bank offers individuals, families and businesses a truly personal banking relationship, with exceptional attention and trusted advice from people who understand you, your priorities and your values.

You have a private banker who acts as your financial quarterback and is always available to draw on whatever resources you need to address all the financial needs that come along in your personal or professional life.
This holistic approach is possible because only a private bank brings together banking, residential lending, investing, wealth planning, commercial lending, succession planning, and treasury management.

A private bank always acts in your best interest, and helps you to create, grow, and protect your wealth for the things that matter to you.


What is Your Peace of Mind Worth?

As your life and finances become increasingly complex, a private banking relationship provides personalized attention, expertise, custom solutions and a convenient digital platform you can rely on. Trusted financial advice becomes even more important in challenging times, like the unexpected disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Your private banker helps you to re-evaluate your financial plans, adapt to changing circumstances, and stay aligned with your goals so that you have the freedom to focus on the responsibilities of your personal and professional life.

On the Business Side

Personal and professional financial needs are often interconnected, and a private bank can address both. At Cambridge Trust, for example, we work with early and growth-stage companies, private partnerships, private equity firms, real estate developers, nonprofit organizations, and multi-generational businesses that need succession planning to generate continuing wealth for the ownership and their families.

Clients value a private banking relationship because they have people who understand the goals and needs of their specific company, and provide the personal attention, responsiveness and custom banking and lending solutions they need to grow.

On the Personal Side

A private bank has the ability to support clients as individuals or families, as well as business leaders.  
Many relationships start with a client’s immediate need for a residential mortgage to buy their first home, or a second home or vacation property. Over time, those relationships often grow to include every aspect of financial life.
Your private banker can connect you with skilled, experienced professionals from a variety of financial disciplines, including comprehensive investing, wealth planning and trust capabilities.

Whether you’re in the early stage of your career, in the mainstream of building your wealth, or ready to transfer wealth to future generations or philanthropic causes, a private bank has the expertise to work with you and your other advisors to meet your specific needs.

Who do you Trust with Tomorrow?

Individuals, families and business leaders always have their eye on the future, and want to build and protect their wealth for what matters most to them.

As their financial needs change and evolve, a private bank is ready to act in their best interest, with everything from a bank deposit transaction to a complex real estate partnership or a business liquidity event.

At Cambridge Trust, establishing and maintaining a trusted relationship with each and every client is an essential part of who we are, and the core values that guide everything we do.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and discuss what a private banking relationship can mean in your financial life.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment or legal advice.