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“Building and managing wealth requires a strong partnership with a trusted advisor,” begins Jennifer A. Pline, CFA and executive vice president, head of wealth management at Cambridge Trust. With a legacy of over 130 years, Cambridge Trust has served multiple generations of families and has helped them meet their financial objectives. Cambridge Trust also works with many institutional clients and serves as a partner in both managing their portfolios and advising them on all parts of their business. From its very early days, the company has served as a fiduciary for its clients and has become a private bank by providing deposit, wealth management, commercial and residential lending services in one place. “We provide holistic solutions for clients so that they can keep their financial lives organized in one place, allowing them to focus on the things that matter most,” states Pline.

Cambridge Trust works with clients as they grow and preserve their wealth by first understanding their long-term goals and objectives, and then creating a financial program that matches their risk tolerance and long-term goals. The firm uses a team approach so that there are multiple points of contact: a relationship manager, a portfolio manager, and a client service associate. The company also makes referrals to resources such as an attorney, accountant, or philanthropic advisor. As a private bank, it also provides other banking services such as deposit and lending solutions for its personal and business clients including a robust digital platform. The firm has a highly skilled investment team with deep knowledge of the markets and the ability to focus on investing for the long term. The team structures custom portfolios and helps clients grow and preserve their wealth while protecting them during volatile or down-market environments.


Our business is all about creating trust and long-term relationships with the clients. 

Today, Cambridge Trust is a $4.4 billion wealth management company and brings scope and scale to the table to assist clients with all of their financial needs. The firm works closely with its clients, and offers easy access to the company’s senior management, who are all local. “We bring focused attention and service to our clients and years of experience while dealing with their challenges,” asserts Pline. In the last five years, the firm has witnessed excellent growth in its assets under management and expanded its list of clients. Cambridge Trust has made two strategic acquisitions in the last two years: New Hampshire-based Optima Bank & Trust and Massachusetts-based Wellesley Bank and is further exploring opportunities for growth. Forging ahead, Cambridge Trust aims to keep providing comprehensive financial solutions to its clients in the long run and a broader investment platform with various investment opportunities to build its clients’ wealth. “Cambridge Trust is the trusted advisor who can handle clients’ financial lives while supporting and educating them throughout their financial life cycle,” concludes Pline.


We provide holistic solutions for clients so that they can keep their financial lives organized in one place, allowing them to focus on the things that matter most.