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3 Year Bump-Up CD

If interest rates increase,

so does your return.


During the initial term of your 3-Year Bump Up CD you are permitted

to make a one-time request to adjust your interest rate to the prevailing 

CD rate for the same term. 


New Money Only. One per Household. See Below for Details.



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For complete information about account fees and other disclosures, please see Account Disclosures and Rules & Regulations and Fee Schedule.

3-Year Bump Up CD Disclosures:

This disclosure contains important information about your account, please save it for future reference. This should be read in conjunction with other disclosures contained in our Personal and Business Banking Account Agreements and Disclosures Booklet.

Interest Calculation and Posting: On all interest-bearing accounts, we use the daily balance method to calculate the interest. For 3-Year Bump Up CDs, the daily periodic rate is applied to the ledger balance. Interest is compounded daily and credited to your account monthly. Account must be open on date interest is credited in order to receive accrued interest.

When Your Deposit Begins to Earn Interest: If your account is a 3-Year Bump Up CD, your deposit will begin to earn interest on the day of deposit.

Minimum Balance Requirement to Open: $1,000.00     
•    The current interest rate for your fixed rate 3-Year Bump Up CD is 0.75% with a current annual percentage yield (APY) of 0.75%.
•    Bump Up Option – During the initial term of your 3-Year Bump Up CD you are permitted to make a one-time request to adjust your interest rate.  Your request to adjust your interest rate is limited to the current rate in the prevailing 3-year CD.  When you elect to exercise the Bump Up option, the new interest rate will be paid for the remaining term of your account, and this does not change the term of the certificate, the original maturity date will remain the same.  Please contact any of our Banking Offices, or our Client Resource Center by phone during banking hours at 617-876-5500 to obtain the most current rate on the 3-Year CD or to exercise a Bump-Up option.
•    Account must be funded with money not previously on deposit at Cambridge Trust.
•    You may withdraw the interest at any time after it is credited to your account. However, in order to obtain the current annual percentage yield, you must allow all interest earned to remain on deposit until the maturity of the 3-Year Bump Up CD. 
•    A withdrawal of interest will reduce your earnings.
•    Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly to your account, from the date of deposit of your funds to the date of withdrawal.
•    After the 3-Year Bump Up CD is opened, you may not make deposits into the 3-Year Bump Up CD.
•    If a withdrawal of principal is made from the 3-Year Bump Up CD or if the account is closed before the maturity date, an early withdrawal penalty as shown will be imposed:

Term - Early Withdrawal Penalty

Term: Two years or more
•    Loss of an amount equal to twenty-four months’ interest earned or that could have been earned on the amount withdrawn at the simple interest rate currently being paid on the certificate.
•    We will notify you at least twenty (20) days prior to maturity. We will ask you to instruct us by mail or in person regarding the action you wish us to take when your 3-Year Bump Up CD matures. You may renew, withdraw, or transfer the 3-Year Bump Up CD to another type of account. 
•    Because the Bank does not know what the annual percentage yield will be at the time of maturity, please visit our website at or call us at 617-876-5500 to obtain the current rates.
•    The 3-Year Bump Up CD will renew automatically at maturity (unless we receive prior instructions) into our standard Fixed Certificate of Deposit as follows:

3 Year Bump Up CD                             Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit
3 Year                                                    36 Month

•    Cambridge Trust reserves the right to change the offer at any time.
•    One per household