Cambridge Trust Debit Mastercard®

Your debit card comes with Mastercard® benefits that include Mastercard® Zero Liability that protects your account against fraudulent purchases.

Use your Cambridge Trust Debit Mastercard®:

Use your Cambridge Trust Debit Mastercard®:

  • To pay purchases online  and in store anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.
  • To pay for recurring monthly payments
    (e.g. membership fees, subscription fees like Netflix)
  • As the preferred payment method for easy and quick check out online and in apps like Amazon, Uber, DoorDash


Digital Wallet

Make in store and in app purchases easier without having to take out your debit card. Just add your Cambridge Trust Debit Mastercard to the digital wallet on your mobile device. We made it even easier to do this using the Cambridge Trust mobile banking app, download today.

Setup your Digital Wallet

Card Controls

Monitor and manage your debit card right from the Cambridge Trust mobile banking app.
 With card controls, you can:
  • add alerts to notify you of purchases coming through your debit card.
  • set how and where your debit card is used.
  • turn on/off a lost or stolen debit card