Our Approach

Trust is everything.

At Cambridge Trust, clients trust us with their financial lives. It's the foundation of every relationship.


Clients rely on us to know what really matters to them, their families or their businesses. And to always put their best interests first. They count on our personal attention and financial expertise to help grow and protect their wealth for their unique goals and priorities.


Every day, we work closely with individuals, families and businesses to deliver custom solutions and fast, local decision making to meet the complex financial needs that come along in life.


Expanding a business. Funding a real estate development. Advancing new technology. Planning for the futures of children or grandchildren. Evaluating and managing multiple investment options, including sustainable and responsible investing. Contributing to philanthropic causes. 


When we improve the quality of our clients’ financial lives, it gives them the peace of mind and freedom to relax and get more enjoyment from the rest of their lives.

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