Fiduciary & Planning Services

Cambridge Trust serves as trustee or co-trustee, agent for trustees, and agent for individuals. Clients with more than $1 million to invest receive asset management and Fiduciary and Planning Services, whether for a trust, an Investment Management Account, or an IRA Rollover Account. A Trust Officer and an Investment Officer collaborate to meet your particular financial needs and objectives.

Trust Officers add value to asset management by providing services in line with your needs, which may include estate, gift, and tax planning, as well as cash management. To ensure comprehensive and coordinated planning, we interact with your attorney in the review of estate planning documents and your accountant to ensure that your tax returns are complete and your taxes are paid timely. As part of our investment and fiduciary services, Cambridge Trust provides custody of account assets, income collection, tax reporting, and disbursement of funds.

The New Hampshire Trust Advantage

As a part of its comprehensive wealth management services, Cambridge Trust works with clients who wish to take advantage of New Hampshire’s robust trust laws and favorable tax climate. The benefits of New Hampshire’s laws are available to both residents and non-residents of New Hampshire. Learn more.

To learn more about our Fiduciary and Planning Services in Massachusetts, call Erin Cooper
at 617-503-5285 or William Yates at 617-503-4041. In New Hampshire, call Susan Martore-Baker at 603-369-5101, or email us.


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New Hampshire Trust Advantage 

Cambridge Trust Company of New Hampshire works with clients who wish to take advantage of New Hampshire's robust trust laws and favorable tax climate.