Mortgage Loan Originators

As required by the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (S.A.F.E. Act), below is a listing of our mortgage loan originators' unique identifier numbers:

Last Name First Name Unique
Arseneault Elaine M. 776713 Cambridge - Huron Avenue
Assarian Lisa 49307  Lexington
Bailey Adrienne 816681 Cambridge - Porter Square
Cope Andrea E. 816682 Weston
DeMarco Lisa A. 697250 Burlington
DiVito Vidalia M. 488034 Burlington
Fenlon Jennifer 1412623 Cambridge - Harvard Square
Greene Mary C. 1022420 Cambridge - Harvard Square
Hartwell IV Leslie, L. 751905 Belmont
Kalivioti Elda 1140078 Concord
Kaufman Theresa 816678 Cambridge - Huron Avenue
Kier Robert 1101619 Belmont
Kvitman Marina 1057143 Weston
Li Sandy 1204797 Cambridge - Kendall Square
Mayur Roma 804138 Cambridge - Harvard Square
Mojica Ana Maria 779997 Burlington
Montgomery Maria 779998 Cambridge - Harvard Square
Mulcahy Deborah E. 816684 Concord
Navins Mary Colt 787520 Concord
O'Keefe Susan 800943 Burlington
Palacios Maria del Mar 1039217 Boston - Beacon Hill
Palla Mark 575796 Burlington
Pisan Steven G. 780000 Belmont
Porter Kimberly A. 1680580 Burlington 
Reed Michael 963718 Burlington
Sagarese Salvatore M. 759511 Cambridge - Harvard Square
Salvador Telma 725715 Cambridge - Kendall Square
Sands Janet P. 816679 Lexington
Shay Debbie D. 816685 Cambridge - Huron Avenue
Sheehan Stacy 780001 Lexington
Solares Yolany 1448956 Boston - South End
SooHoo Elaine Yingying 41341 Burlington
Soul Harwood E. 816687 Burlington
Trebicka Daniela 816688 Cambridge - UP @ MIT
Veselaj Sidrit 834847 Cambridge - Porter Square
Wong Ping H. 780005 Cambridge - UP @ MIT
Yattaw Desiree 1149097 Lexington
Zurn James 1006943 Burlington

Our mortgage lenders are registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry. Cambridge Trust Company's NMLS Unique Identifier #697495.


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