Beyond Jeopardy: IBM Watson & Cognitive Computing
Michael Rhodin

Four years ago, IBM Watson won on TV’s Jeopardy! and Siri was first introduced on our iPhones. What might have been viewed as a novelty is now a serious business with the opening of IBM Watson’s global headquarters in New York City’s Silicon Alley.

In his presentation, Michael Rhodin, head of the Watson Group at IBM, traces the evolution of the cognitive technology behind Watson, including its commercial applications today and its potential for the future. Through a demonstration of Watson, Mr. Rhodin shows how its analytics are currently being used in healthcare and hospitality.

Once the size of a master bedroom when it played Jeopardy!, today’s Watson is 90 percent smaller, 24 times faster, and a whole lot smarter. Michael Rhodin examines why Watson’s ability to interact in natural language, and continually learn by processing and connecting vast amounts of Big Data, portends a future that is fascinating, far reaching and still very much a work in progress.

An Interview with Michael Rhodin, Senior Vice President, IBM Watson

Michael Rhodin joined IBM in 1984, where he led the introduction of IBM’s social business platform, helped build the company’s globally integrated enterprise, and now acts as Senior Vice President, IBM Watson.

In this Thought Series interview, Mr. Rhodin introduces us to Watson, perhaps the world’s most famous example of cognitive computing. Michael walks us through Watson’s evolution from entertaining Jeopardy! contestant (and winner) to key player in helping to solve the global healthcare crisis to the future of cognitive computing.

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