Secure Vault Payments

We know that safety and security when paying for anything online is a top priority for you and your customers. With Secure Vault Payments™ (SVP), Cambridge Trust offers merchants and billers an easy online payment option with the security of online banking. SVP is the only online payment option that provides real-time authorization with guaranteed payment for ACH transactions.

Increase Sales

With SVP, merchants receive immediate verification with funds secured at time of authorization and guaranteed payments with next day settlement via ACH. This will help you avoid NSFs, declines and the need for manual verifications.

Save Money

Secure Vault Payments has lower transaction fees than other traditional and alternative online payment options. And those savings can be passed along to your customers by waiving any existing convenience fees.

Attract New Customers

Secure Vault Payments is a safe and convenient online payment option for your customers. There is no need for your customers to enroll in SVP and they will never be asked to share their financial information to complete a transaction.

How it Works:

  • When the customer is ready to make a payment online, they simply choose Secure Vault Payments as the payment method and select their bank from the list.
  • They are quickly and securely redirected to the login screen of their online banking service where they sign in using their online banking credentials and choose the account from which to make the payment.
  • The bank authorizes the transaction in real time, guaranteeing payment to the merchant or biller. 
  • The customer is quickly and securely redirected back to the merchant or biller website to receive a payment receipt.
  • The customer’s bank initiates an ACH credit transaction to the merchant or biller’s financial institution for posting on the following business day.

For more information or to schedule an appointment on how SVP can help your business, contact Patricia Mullin, Vice President, Cash Management Manager at  or 617-441-1408.

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