Cambridge Trust has upgraded BizBanker to enhance our security and protect your financial information. The new security enhancements will change how you log in to BizBanker. Our upgraded security service will better protect your sensitive data while still allowing you anytime, anywhere access to your financial information.

Streamlined Log-in Process

The picture and phrase authentication has been replaced with new, behind-the-scenes measures. In addition, you are no longer required to formally register your computer; the new system has technology to recognize if your computer has been used before to access the system.

Enhanced Security Settings

There is also a new process anytime you log in to BizBanker from a new device. Instead of the challenge questions you used in the past, you will now be asked to validate your information through a one-time security code via a phone call or SMS text message. These enhanced security features help safeguard your information.

If you have any questions, please email the Customer Resource Center or call 617-441-1444.