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Cambridge Trust Company Supports LEF with $10K Donation

Friday, November 05, 2010


(From left to right): Stacy Sheehan, Lexington Branch Manager; Joseph Roller, Cambridge Trust President and CEO; Deborah Rourke and Susan Schiffer,
LEF Co-Presidents; Deborah Jackson, LEF Executive Director

LEXINGTON, Mass. - The Lexington Education Foundation (LEF) is pleased to recognize Cambridge Trust Company as a Corporate Innovation and Technology Partner.  Through their $10,000 multi-year donation, Cambridge Trust is helping LEF fund high quality grants that bring innovative instruction and new technology into the classroom to improve student learning in the Lexington Public Schools.

As a new presence in the Lexington business community, Cambridge Trust’s generous gift conveys that the company values and supports our town’s long standing tradition of educational excellence. Joseph V. Roller II, president and CEO of Cambridge Trust Company commented, “Cambridge Trust is excited to enter the Lexington community and proud to support the Lexington Education Foundation in its on-going mission of bringing new technology into Lexington’s public schools.”

Interactive white boards, “clicker” personal response systems, web building and streaming, interactive Mimio technology, Elmo document cameras, iPod foreign language technology – are all innovations that have become indispensable tools in the 21st century classroom.  Technology tools can improve student learning by engaging students, reaching all types of learners, encouraging collaboration, providing instant feedback, capturing assessment data, allowing for authentic research, and creating an environment where students learn the way they live – in an interactive, interconnected multimedia world.  As a LEF Corporate Innovation and Technology Partner, Cambridge Trust will help support exciting ideas such as these that motivate students and inspire educators.

For over two decades, LEF has served as a conduit for community support, providing more than $3.3 million in private funding to Lexington’s nine public schools.  LEF is the embodiment of Lexington values – a passion for education, a belief in civic engagement, a commitment to our children and our future.  LEF welcomes Cambridge Trust to Lexington and appreciates the direct support of its students and our schools. For more information about LEF or the corporate donor program, please visit www.lexedfoundation.org or call 781.372.3288.

Contact:  Paula Antonevich 

Phone: 781-372-3288
E-mail: info@lexedfoundation.org