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Wealth Management Personnel

We foster a team-based approach and encourage open, honest discussion among wealth management team members. In sharing divergent views, we surface as much relevant information as possible on an issue or investment theme.

Leadership Team

Michael A. Duca

Executive Vice President, Head of Wealth Management

David G. Strachan, Jr., CTFA
Senior Vice President, Head of Trust Administration

Susan Martore-Baker
President, Cambridge Trust Company of New Hampshire

James F. Spencer, CFA
Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer

Investment Management

Portfolio Managers

Brian Bickford, CFA, CFP®
Aimee B. Forsythe, CFA
Ryan M. Hanna
Eric C. Jussaume
Maureen Kelliher, CFA
David E. Walker, CFA

Investment Research

Kathryn L. Hersey
Catherine P. Jacobs
Jeanwon (David) Park
Brian J. Sokolowski, CFA
Eric G. Warasta, CFA

Trust Administration

Trust Officers
Julie A. Alix
Susan I. Chiappisi, CTFA
Alice J. Flanagan, CTFA, CFP®
Judith V. Goodnow, JD
Matthew S. Lieber
Laura C. McGregor
Judith K. Noel
Michael P. Panebianco, JD, LLM, AEP®
Robert C. Pasciuto, JD

Susan Cannon
Judy Caruso
Jeffrey Cole
Shellie Dean-Arnold
Elizabeth Hamilton
Janelle Travers

Kaitlyn Gilpin
Brenda Schwechheimer
Michele Talbot

Wealth Management Support Services

John A. Haley
Vice President, Director of Support Services

Nerissa Gentle
Patricia E. Hartnett
Katherine Kuzmich
Robyn T. Lettieri

Richard A. Moquin, EA
Joseph Lombardo

Thomas E. Rudden

Business Development


Robert A. MacAllister, Boston
William M. Yates, Weston

New Hampshire

Erin Cooper, Portsmouth
Susan Martore-Baker, Concord



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