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Ten (Non-Tax) Reasons Why You Should Have an Estate Plan

by Michael P. Panebianco, Vice President and Trust Officer
A common perception is that the primary purpose of estate planning is to reduce estate taxes. Although the reduction of taxes is certainly a compelling reason to have an estate plan, it is far from being the only reason. In fact, there are many other reasons that are at least equally important and that, arguably, should be considered by everyone. Read Michael Panebianco’s article for all the reasons why you need an estate plan. View PDF 

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What Happens to Bonds If Interest Rates Rise?

by Eric Jussaume, Vice President and Portfolio Manager
The main objectives of investing in bonds are to protect principal and ensure a steady and dependable income stream. But what happens to your investment when interest rates rise? Part of Cambridge Trust's investment strategy is to identify bonds with shorter maturities to reduce interest rate sensitivity and protect principle when interest rates rise. Read Eric Jussaume's article to learn about our bond investment strategy. View PDF 

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The Appeal of Dividend Growth for Income-Oriented Investors

by Eric G. Warasta, CFA, January 2012
With interest rates at or near their lowest levels in decades, dividend-based investing approaches are gaining attention. For many investors approaching or in retirement, the security of a growing dividend stream can be very appealing. Our Equity Income Strategy is designed to meet the needs of clients who require more current income, lower volatility, or both objectives. View PDF

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Opportunities in High-Yield

by David P. Wellinghoff, CFA, September 2011
In the current risk-averse financial markets, high-yield bonds can help to produce favorable returns. Cambridge Trust Investment Research Officer, David Wellinghoff, provides his analysis. View PDF 

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Coping with Volatility

by The Wealth Management Strategy Group, August 2011
Read how the current market volatility is affecting the Wealth Management Strategy Group's investment strategy. View PDF 

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Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa Leads to Volatile Oil Price: Factors Impacting Investment Strategy

by James Spencer & Ryan Hanna, March 2011
Cambridge Trust’s Investment Officers analyze how the spread of protests among Islamic peoples are affecting not only oil prices, but also your investment strategy. View PDF 

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The State of Municipal Bond Investments

by Kathryn L. Hersey, January 2011
Cambridge Trust provides an analysis on the current state of the Municipal Bond market in Massachusetts, including the effects the current economic climate are having on our long-term investment strategy. View PDF


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